Who We Are

Welcome to Borderless Accountants, where we’re fluent in the universal language of numbers. Located in the bustling heart of Melbourne’s business district, our team of experienced accountants and financial strategists is committed to empowering small and medium enterprises with a comprehensive array of accounting solutions and virtual CFO services.

Our story began in the lively locales of Heidelberg, Eltham, and Greensborough, where we identified the need for customised financial guidance, tailored to the distinct landscapes of Australian industries. With a wealth of collective experience, we’ve sharpened our skills to ensure not just compliance, but also to nurture resilience and growth in an ever-changing economic climate.

Our Philosophy

We’re convinced that a true financial partnership transcends the balance sheet. It’s about grasping the essence of your business, foreseeing upcoming challenges, and forging paths to prosperity. Our method is straightforward: we listen, we analyse, and we act. Merging our profound understanding of regulatory details with a sharp focus on sector-specific opportunities, we construct solid financial frameworks that drive your business ahead.


Meet Our Team

Ana Hindocha - A Visionary in Finance

Leading our pack is Ana Hindocha, a formidable presence in the accounting realm. With an extensive educational background that includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Law, along with her CPA qualification, Ana is the embodiment of Borderless Accountants’ ethos.

Ana’s professional journey is distinguished by significant roles at esteemed organisations like L’Oreal and Koko Black, where she polished her financial expertise. Her adaptability is evident through her work across various sectors, from IT startups to film production, granting her the agility to manoeuvre through intricate financial terrains.

Ana’s leadership is marked by her dedication to shattering stereotypes and nurturing a culture of nimble thinking. Her strategic insight was crucial in guiding our clientele through the turbulent times of the COVID-19 pandemic, cementing her status as a resilient and vital advisor.


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